GimmiQ on Youtube

On Youtube GimmiQ is helping you with 2 playlists: 1 on creation of boardgames and one with pimping classic board games to a new level.

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How to create (y)our board game

Let’s make your dream of making your own board game come to reality. On our Youtube channel we will show you how we are making our board games, how the process can be different and what we have learned so far. When watching the GimmiQ youtube series, you can simultaneously try to workout your own board game ideas. Wether it is for an online board game, a board game as an app, a party game or a fun game to play with friends. The type of board game is not neccesary leading for the creation process.

Just interested in how such board game making process works, you will be satisfied with these Youtube video series as well.

Also you can come and join us creating a new board game together, by sharing feedback on our starting ideas, and slowly making progress in a board game together

Board game character of letter Q with a twist creating video's for GimmiQ about the board game creation process and pimping up classic board games

Classic board games pimped with a twist

In our second Youtube series we will share some upgrades or twists in the gamerules for the more classic board games. So how can you spice/ pimp the classic Monopoly or Risk, you can find out in our second series on Youtube. This is to highlight what board games are all about, the game mechanics or story and how easy/ more challenging it can be to change something in the gameplay. Also it shows how small changes can alter the classics into new long living tabletop games.