From Choosing to leap, to taking the leap into board games creation

Since the beginning of 2018 I have been working on my ideal working week. CFO (now interim, later at my own company of course) in combination with a board game company and more time off for sports & children.

Over the years I have seen and learned that you can get further by working together than on your own (and I can still take major steps in this). I am starting now on my own, but I want to cooperate as much as possible with other people and companies. I will also try to help them further … “those who cannot share cannot multiply”. I especially see an opportunity to contribute to finding other people’s talents and that people will also use their talents more and become happier by finding their Ikigai. I also hope to apply this within GimmiQ.

GimmiQ will need a long breath. From inventing and creating board games to marketing, to ever making a good honest dollar. That requires ‘Grinta’, and therefore personal challenge and development immediately. Eventually with my own board game on the market, physically in a box, with a nice cellophane around it.

I have been facing a lot of challenges already and more will come my way in the coming period. Above all, I will also have to cross many thresholds myself, daring to leave my comfort zone. I can make a lot of mistakes and in any case further develop myself personally in ways that I cannot yet predict. I will want and dare to show more of my vulnerability.

I have worked for many years at renowned companies, with many smart commercial people and that has taught me a lot. One of the most important things about a company is the image that you convey and that image starts with yourself and your corporate identity. And that starts with the name and meaning of the company.

Key words in the search for my board game company name were: Together, something unique, something extraordinary and talent deployed. Nice would be that the name is not too long and that it offers opportunities to make a nice logo.

The search gave me nice open doors such as “Unique Games” etc. The combination of words and the addition of Ikigai* and growth mindset (instead of fixed mindset) * eventually gave me the right feeling with ‘Gimmick’ and what is nicer than applying a gimmick to it with that name, hence the last letters replaced by a Q. This makes the name almost a beautiful palindrome (I first had to look it up, red.).

The great thing about the word GimmiQ was that it was the start of more beautiful associations, such as ‘ingenious’. And that is precisely what my board games are all about, a piece of ingenuity, something unique, something very simple and therefore something smart. It’s all about ingenious, simplicity and quality, which means you can enjoy playing more board games.

For now it is “GimmiQ (Games), always an ingenious angle.”

Thanks to Thomas Renouvin (, I am very proud to share my new logo (show the previous blog as well). With extra ingenuity in the letter Q (with the line the other way)

No alt text provided for this image

The name also challenges me enormously, now that I am working on my first board games. We play this and then we improve and continuously check whether enough ingenuity comes to the table, because that ingenuity must become the attraction to start playing GimmiQ games over and over with great pleasure. In the meantime I am busy with a smart (niche) launch strategy and commercial plan to bring the games of GimmiQ to the world in a clever way.

If you have additions or ideas or you can point me in a path (either commercially or with board games itself), let me know!

Next time I want to take you a bit more into my board game creations and the process of the board game creation.

With kind regards, Hendrik

* Ikigai:


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