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Imagine yourselve with friends or family, enjoying eachother around the kitchen table. Just loose yourself in playing great board games with your company. Being sharp on the gameplay and being gentle soft at your fellow players. Enjoying the ingenious and tactfull board games that are displayed in front of you. Outsmart your friends & family by playing the right moves & strategy, or was it the small chance factor that made you take the lead in the game? Either way, your companions can still come back to take the win, as all games are alive and kicking till the last rounds. And the ingenious game mechanics keeps it fun till the end. Buy our ingenious board games here at GimmiQ

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GimmiQ creates fun playing board games at your home table. You will find 2 ways of ingenious characteristics in GimmiQ’s board games. The first is by the sheer simplicity of the game mechanics (in full balance) and the second is by keeping options open till the end to come back in the game or even to push yourself to change tactics as your circumstances have changed too much. And changing your tactics might just be the ticket to win.

We are all about creating inspiring gameplay, you can see this coming back in the video’s about how to play a classic board game (e.g. Risk, Monopoly) in a different (twist/ pimped) way. In these video’s you can see for instance how to make that game you already love for years, even worth playing a lot more again by changing or adding just a few rules.

Have you ever dreamt about making your own board game? In the other Youtube video series off GimmiQ let’s you take part in how a board game is developed, it tries to insprire you to maybe even start a board game for yourself. Or it just enlightens you on the process of how GimmiQ is developing it’s board games.

GimmiQ is there for you, to find a new board game as a gift to give away (or to yourself) and to find the right information, like a quick gameplay explenation or a review. Or GimmiQ will help you to find a similar board game like the one you realy love.

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Have a look at all GimmiQ has to offer and maybe even surprise yourself or a friend or family member with a great GimmiQ board game gift or find all relevant info/ links to board games information. And of course check out GimmiQ on Youtube, as you will be inspired to start your own board game, or learn about the creation proces and learn some great new rules for classics.